The i newspaper, September 14, 2018

What I found in ten minutes reading the i today:

‘Easier’ is an adjective (the comparative of easy) and you would use it with a noun, for example ‘he chose the easier path’. For a verb (‘comes away’) you need an adverb, and this would be ‘more easily’ (the comparative of easily).  The sub managed to get ‘avocado’ right three times but on the fourth occasion decided on ‘advocado’. Incidentally a different version of the same story appeared on another page.


Even a goldfish would remember after 11 words that it had already used ‘artist’. A person cannot be ‘valuable’. Auction items do not have a ‘price tag’; they have ‘estimates’.

I would have done it something like this:


A painting by David Hockney could become the most expensive work by a living artist to be sold at auction.

‘Bate’ is the word you would use for holding your breath. The word for teasing or ridiculing is ‘baiting’.

All turtles are ‘hatched’ so there is no point in using the word. It is like saying ‘Half of born humans’. I suppose they thought ‘baby’ was too short a word, or (I would be surprised if this were the case) they did not want to repeat a word from the intro, but ‘young’ would have served perfectly well.

The word needed here is ‘poring’. ‘Pouring’ is for liquids or scorn.

How quickly they forget – it’s only a week or so since this poor lady died and already her name is being mis-spelled. It was Rachael.

That is ten minutes of reading. If I were the editor of the i I would be shocked, and I would seriously consider removing the word ‘quality’ from the front page.




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