i newspaper, December 28, 2021

(17 words)

Granted, this is a shockingly dull choice of picture, but you have to do better with a caption than writing exactly what the reader can see.

How about:

The desolate scene outside Selfridges in London’s Oxford Street yesterday as shoppers stayed away in droves (16 words)


i newspaper, December 28, 2021

I realise they don’t teach Latin in schools any more but anyone with pretensions to being literate should know that ‘strata’ is the plural of ‘stratum’ and therefore cannot be used as a singular noun.

At the start of the same paragraph, the writer talks about abolishing things ‘entirely’. You can’t partly abolish something so the word ‘entirely’ is redundant.


The Times, December 12, 2021

A late but very strong entry to the Worst Intro of the Year contest. What on earth has Dorothy Parker to do with sanitation operatives in New York? Nothing. This is contrived, irrelevant and looks like showing off. If I had been doing it I might have tried something on the lines of:

Christmas has come early for 100 binmen in New York. They have received overtime payments of $100,000 each after coping with staff shortages and heavy snow.