i newspaper, February 27, 2023

This is a classic example of the lack of curiosity I am always moaning about. How can you possibly send this through without saying how many wins he already has? You might as well not use the story. For the record he has 723 wins so needs another 77. Incidentally it looks to me as it this is an agency story as the identical wording appears in the Mail. The ‘i’ sub has cut it  above the paragraph about the number of wins he already has.  This is lazy and incompetent.


“I find all Mr Kirwan did outside the supermarket, when the defendants were by the trollies, was to admonish them for their trouble-making and anti-social behaviour in the lavatories.” Mr Justice Fraser said.

BBC News online, February 16, 2023

This is a common error –  the plural of words ending in ‘ey’ is ‘eys’, not ‘ies’. Thus trolleys, flunkeys, lackeys, donkeys etc. Also storeys for a building in Britain, but in the US it is spelled ‘story’ so there the plural would be ‘stories’.

Note the careless punctuation error in the BBC piece, a full point at the end of the quote instead of a comma. Sigh.