‘It is just the latest piece in a growing body of evidence that disputes the official theory – pedaled by the WHO and some senior scientists – that the virus jumped from animals into humans . . .’

Mail Online, October 31, 2022

Mail Online, the gift to the Subbing Clinic that keeps on giving.  Two words that sound the same but have different meanings are peddle (to sell, often illegal goods) and pedal (to turn the pedals on a bicycle). The word needed here is ‘peddle’. However Mail Online, in its own brilliant way, has  compounded the error of using the wrong word by mis-spelling it. ‘Pedaled’ is the American spelling; in Britain the spelling is ‘pedalled’.



The Times, October 11, 2022

This man is in a class of his own in the Stupidest Intro of the Year contest. It’s as if he is roughly translating from Albanian. This is gibberish – the word ‘that’ must refer to the word or phrase it follows, so  we have trees coming out of trees. I would advise him to go to English classes if I were not sure he thinks he is God’s gift.