i newspaper, October 7, 2020

You are the sub handling this story. I will assume you are aware that ‘Ann’ and ‘Anne’ are alternative spellings, otherwise you have no business in journalism. You see the name Anne Cryer. Do you think:

a)  I have never heard of her so I had better look up the spelling of her name, it will take only a few seconds and I want to get it right.

b) Hmm, I vaguely remember her but I am not sure if she is Anne or Ann, I had better look it up.

c) Who cares? It’s near enough and I am certainly not about to look it up.

The answer has got to be c. I would say you have no business in journalism.

While I am writing, I am constantly seeing ‘Back in . . .’ and ‘Way back in . . . ‘ Neither is necessary. Anyone capable of reading a news report will be able to work out that 2004 is before now.