As regular readers know, I usually avoid Mail Online because it is just too easy, but I could not resist this bumper bundle from today’s (June 12, 2018) report on the meal served at the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. Translations supplied.

six-course meal that included three deserts (= desserts)

Singaporese dishes (= Singaporean)

Hennesey cognac (= Hennessy)

Hennesy ( = ditto)

prawn’s cocktail ( = prawn)

Haagendazs vanilla iced cream (Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream)

preferred flavor ( = flavour in UK)

potato dauphinois ( = dauphinoise)

Crystal ( = Cristal champagne)

HOW DO CONCLUDE THIS? ( = gibberish)

And, fittingly, this is how the story ends:

Time magazine reported early in the administration that Trump got served two scoops of vanilla iced cream at the White House, while guests got a single scoop, although



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