The Times, March 1, 2018

Surely there can’t be any satisfaction in doing such a poor job as this.

Going through my marks in order, what is ‘a 26ft by 26ft pod’? There should be a comma after ‘Hobbit Hole’.

A 16-acre farmhouse would be a sight to behold.

Q: Why would the fiancee’s father submit the planning application? A: Because he is the scheme’s architect.

It is Suffolk Coastal district council, not ‘coastal’.

What on earth is the last parĀ  about? It turns out that this application has not yet been considered, but that Sheeran was refused permission for a garage in 2016. It was granted on appeal.

Lastly, it has been reported many times that the property is near Framlingham. I don’t see mentioning this as an invasion of privacy.


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