The Times, November 20, 2021

This should be one of the first words a sub learns to spell (it is Gurkha). I find it incredible that standards are so low at the Times that this has got into the paper. In my day this would quite rightly have been a sacking offence. If a sub can’t spell there is not a lot of point in doing the job.

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  1. Hello Margaret,

    In this Telegraph article about The Beatles, the writer uses “adverse” for “averse”:


    Here’s the paragraph in case you can’t view the link:

    McCartney wasn’t adverse to a spot of conspiracy-mongering himself. The assassination of John F Kennedy in November 1963 came as The Beatles were at their peak in the UK, but before they broke America. And, as impressionable young chaps, they got caught up in the swirl of rumour that surrounded the US president’s death. Or, at least, McCartney did.

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