The Times, May 4, 2018

Here is another intro where the word ‘but’ has been completely misunderstood. It means that something unexpected follows. The intro just won’t work in this form. You could try something like this:

After the installation of 15,000 panes of glass and the assembly of 69,000 components, the Temperate House at Kew reopened last night.

or this:

After a five-year restoration costing £42million, the Temperate House  . . .

I would say ‘conservation architects Donald Insall Associates, who will  oversee . . .’ not ‘which’. It is a group of people, not things.

In the context of Kew, a ‘biomass plant’ sounds like one of the residents, not machinery. To make it clear it should say a ‘biomass power plant’. And what is ‘cathodic protection’? I would bet good money the sub didn’t know.  I looked it up and it is very technical. If you don’t know what something is, or can’t explain it, leave it out.





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