i newspaper, January 26, 2017

This is a commonly seen construction but it is shockingly ignorant. The explanation is quite technical but I will have a go. Continuous verb forms are constructed with the present participle (-ing form), not the past participle (-ed form). So you would write ‘she was knitting a jumper’, not ‘she was knitted a jumper’. ‘Sit’ is one of the many verbs in which the past participle varies from the ‘-ed’ form (in this case it is ‘sat’), but it is just as bad to put ‘he was sat’ as ‘she was knitted’.

This is from the same piece in the i newspaper. There are different views on whether or not to cap champagne. I feel that you would cap the area but not the drink. So ‘the best fizzy wine comes from Champagne’, but ‘I think champagne is overrated’.

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