The Times, December 5, 2017

I don’t believe even 30 seconds of thought went into either the heading or the intro. ‘Gets’ is a word which should never appear in a heading – there is always a better way. I would suggest that ‘Clementine’ is better than the banal ‘Churchill’s wife’. How about:

Clementine steps out of Churchill’s shadow

And as for the intro: If you must use this dreadful ‘he/but’ construction, the ‘he’ refers to Kristin Scott Thomas, who is female. The idea of ‘fighting them on the beaches’ is a cliche – let’s reach for the first thing we can remember from Churchill’s speeches. Still, it goes with the ‘finest hour’ cliche in the heading.

I’d suggest something like this:

Clementine Churchill is to receive some long overdue credit for her wartime role, thanks to the actress playing her in a new film.

Kristin Scott Thomas said that initially the producers of Darkest HourĀ treated Winston Churchill’s wife as an afterthought, but her contribution was a vital part of his success.

‘I really fought to give her more weight in the film, to give her more sense to the story,’ said Scott Thomas.




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