i newspaper, November 8, 2017, page 1

i newspaper, November 8, 2017, page 11

Imagine the joy in media offices when this story came in: ‘Now we can trot out all those stupid phrases with “ewe” in them!’ Never mind that they don’t have anything to do with the story. The i newspaper went mad and used two. They missed this one, but the Times didn’t:

Hello ewe: sheep recognise a famous face, say neuroscientists

At ITV Online they disinterred this one:

Would ewe believe it? Sheep can recognise celebrity faces

At the Guardian, they thought this was clever:

Is it … Baa-rack Obama? Sheep able to recognise celebrities, say neuroscientists

It isn’t, though, is it? Not remotely.

Nor is this, from the Yorkshire Post:

President Obaa-ma, I presume? – sheep can recognise human faces

I would have been tempted to try something on the lines of

Smarter than they look – sheep can recognise human faces

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