All these cuttings are from pp 6-7 of the i newspaper, September 23, 2017

These figures appeared in different stories in the i’s spread on the withdrawal of Uber’s London licence. (There were also two stories giving varying figures for the number who had signed a protest petition, but one cutting disappeared into my printer and refused to come out.) It is always a problem when you have several stories on the same topic, but there are ways to reduce the chance of conflicting figures and facts. The best way is to have one person subbing all the stories in the hope that he or she will spot the clashes. If there is not time for this, and several subs need to be working at once, someone should be given the task of reading all the subbed copy. It can also be a good idea to designate one story as the carrier of figures, and every other one should avoid them if possible.

And finally: I don’t often use literals, or typos as they seem to be called these days, but this one from the same spread seemed appropriate.



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