i newspaper, August 23, 2017

(57 words) Ok, so a baby koala is called a ‘joey’. That does not mean you have to use the word five times.

If you say ‘her’ in the first sentence, that’s a clue that it is female, so you don’t need to spell it out in the second.

‘Set to’ is a horrible phrase, and suggests that the event has not yet happened, but the appeal for name suggestions has already gone out.

I think it would be interesting to point out that the animal is not albino and that the pale fur will grow out.

This is how I would do it:

A rare white koala has been born at the Australia Zoo north of Brisbane. The female joey is not albino but has a recessive ‘silvering gene’ thought to be inherited from her mother Tia. When the youngster sheds her baby fur, the normal grey colour will appear. Tourism Australia is asking the public for name suggestions. (56 words)

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