A jail housing some of Britain’s most evil killers has been offering them the chance of chemical castration in an effort to thwart their despicable urges. 

Frankland jail in Durham has instituted a new scheme which allows some of Britain’s most depraved inmates to undergo a form of chemical castration to sate their desires. 

Mail Online, April 9, 2017

To ‘sate’ means to satisfy a desire or an appetite to the full – the opposite of what is meant here. The appropriate word could be ‘suppress’, ‘subdue’, ‘curb’ or ‘extinguish’.

The word ‘jail’ and the phrases ‘some of Britain’s most’ and ‘chemical castration’ appear in both paragraphs. Almost the only difference between the paragraphs is the addition of the name of the prison in the second.

If a scheme is ‘instituted’ it is by definition new.

I would avoid words such as ‘depraved’ and ‘despicable’. They sound hysterical. I would replace ‘evil’ with ‘notorious’ for the same reason.

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