Stormy Daniels case: Trump denies campaign funds paid off porn actor

BBC News Online, May 3, 2018

‘Actor’ is being used more and more instead of the traditional ‘actress’, and a lot of people detest it. So do some performers, but many others prefer it. This article from The Stage gives both points of view (warning of bad language):


I would always use ‘actress’ – in fact, is it not ‘patriarchal’ to opt for the masculine version? Why not call both men and women ‘actresses’? – but you need to make your own decision.




i newspaper, May 2, 2018

Given the choice, would you put ‘singer’ or ‘George Michael’ in the heading?

This is what I would have done:

George Michael shrines to be taken down

‘The late George Michael’? Would you put the story in the paper if you thought readers did not know he was dead? You need ‘late’ only when someone has recently died, and there is a possibility that not everyone knows, as in ‘The seat was held by the late Fred Smith’, or when the people in a story are not well known, as in ‘Mr Brown took over the farm from his late father’.

Three quotation marks is excessive.

‘Up until’ is ignorant. You could say ‘until’ or ‘up to’.